An oven, washing machine and refrigerator Washer:

  1.  Never overload the machine.
  2. Use a zippered mesh bag for small items like socks and undergarments. We routinely remove these items from water pumps.
  3. If your water flow is slow, check your inlet hoses for debris in your filter screens.


  1. Keep your lint filter clean and in place during use.
  2. Routinely check the amount of air venting outside your house.
  3.  If your clothes aren’t drying properly, make sure the dryer isn’t pushed back against the rear exhaust duct causing a restriction in airflow.


  1. Never use hand washing soap in an automatic dishwasher, we recommend powdered detergent.
  2. You can purchase dishwasher cleaners that can be used to clean and refresh your dishwasher. They are available at the grocery stores and hardware stores.


  1. Periodically, vacuum the coils at the bottom or back of your unit. Keep the gaskets (rubber seals) around the doors clean. Sticky spills will glue the gasket to the refrigerator cabinet and tear upon opening, causing condensation problems in the unit.

Air Conditioner and Heater:

  1. Your air conditioning filter should be replaced at least twice a year.
  2. Keep your outside condensing unit free of leaves and debris. Cut brush and shrubs to maintain clearance around your condensing unit.